Keeping Up With The Paul

  • friends in halloween costumes

    New York’s 46th Annual Village Halloween Parade

    October 01

    Ever wanted to be part of the world’s largest Halloween procession? Now’s the time! On Thursday, October 31st, the Village Halloween Parade takes over Greenwich Village with an incredibly unique public celebration, and a can’t-miss event if you’re in town! 

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  • woman sitting at an outdoor table working on her computer drinking coffee

    Manhattan’s Chelsea Neighborhood

    September 02

    With the recent summer heatwave hitting the Empire State, being out in the sun for too long can feel exhausting. Lucky enough, here in the concrete jungle, it cools down a bit at night during this time of year, which can be the optimal time to get out and explore the city. To see the most of what NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood has to offer, an evening stroll along the High Line is absolutely essential.

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