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Technology Based Service, Give An Edge To Hotel

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Technology Based Service May Give An Edge To The Hotel Of The Future.Everything in the travel industry is getting smarter. Hotels are riding this wave of innovation by taking advantage of technology trends to create better, more intelligent guest experiences.

With near to 5 billion mobile phone users estimated worldwide by 2017 and 350 billion text messages monthly, the growth in mobile is rapidly becoming the biggest trend in hotels. A lot of people prefer to text than to call now, so hotels are implementing messaging services so guests can message the front desk, or the concierge, with their specific request.

Guests will be able to text hotel staff directly, without any further need to download hotel app, or calling difference numbers for service, making requests easily and quickly. Guests can simply text when they want room service, when their TV is broken, or when they would like fresh towels. The more guests become comfortable with texting the hotel for their needs, the engagement between guests and hotel staff increases – which ultimately results in a higher overall level of satisfaction for the entire hotel experience.

Additionally, with the right configurations enabled, guests will be able to also order room service via their mobiles and have it in their room the moment they arrive at the hotel. When they’re finished, they’ll be able to simply place the tray outside their door and be confident housekeeping will collect it immediately – because the tray has a little sensor that knows when it is outside. This sensor sends a notification to housekeeping, alleviating the unsightly mess of a hallway full of dinner trays.

There are more possibilities: even towels could be tracked. Using Radio Frequency technology, hotels can track the whereabouts of towels. The chip is read by sensors in the hotel room, and can be used by housekeeping to see if towels need to be replenished. The hotel can then gauge how often a guest would like their room serviced without asking them. Real-time tracking of cleaning services means you can get into your room quicker and thus, hoteliers will reap rewards in guest satisfaction.