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Features of a Hotel That Guests Talk About The Most

  • Terrace King

Research from location-based social platforms and the other local measures has the answer for “what are the features of a hotel that guest talk about the most”. It has been studied across U.S., Asia, and Australian location based social platforms of hotel and tourism industry, through the posts on twitter, facebook and instagram from the guests at hotels.

According to research, what guest likely to share are food and drinks as compared to staff, gym or check in experience. 11,700 posts featured hotels restaurants and meals while 6400 posts were about the bars and drink. And the third thing which was most talked about is the view from guest room followed by condition of the room and the swimming pool. However, arrival at hotel and the staff were mentioned least followed by swimming pool and the gym. This study has also revealed about the findings that’s confirm hotel industry growing conviction actually depends on technology enabled social experience, guests are more interested in food and beverages, the bar and the view from their room instead of focusing on standard hotel property amenities like gym, physical arrival and other hotel services.

Now a day’s Social media has become very important channel through which guests are communicating their preferences and recommendations. Hotels and tourism industry can take advantage of this channel by improving and focusing on the features that there are speaking most about. Improving such features without sacrificing on other services can lead towards great success of hotel as well as guest satisfaction and loyalty.