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Different Types of Accommodations around the World

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“Though there are above 50 types of accommodations used globally, here you can find the most and commonly used in order to chose from as per your desire”

Hotel – Short term overnight accommodation.

Resort – Accommodation providing a wide verity of amenities and recreational facilities. It is more about the experience. Usually used for vacation or getaways.

B & B – Some sort of breakfast is included with your hotel night stay. They breakfast to range from a drink or coffee with a roll to a full breakfast.

Motel – Rooms usually open out to a parking lot. As the name implies it caters mostly to motorists.

Lodge – Usually out in nature, often made from logs, wood or other natural material.

Inn – An inn is a small hotel usually either in the country or with a pub or tavern. A lot of the time they also have food available there.

Villa – Usually a country estate made up of several buildings or structures tied together. In some countries a villa could be just a vacation house or in other places a detached or semi-detached house.

Guest House – A house used to rent on a short term basis for travellers

Boutique Hotel - Often furnished in a themed, individual style, boutique hotels are intimate in size and focus on providing guests with high-quality, personalised experiences

Hostel - Ideal for budget travellers and backpackers, a hostel is an inexpensive type of accommodation, usually with shared bedrooms and communal facilities.

Serviced Apartment - Also known as flat (British), an apartment is a self-contained accommodation unit housed in a building containing a number of such units.

Chateau - In Bordeaux, the term chateau is synonymous with vineyard estates, but it can also be used to describe a French country house or castle.

Extended Stay Hotel - Extremely popular throughout the US, extended stay hotels offer the comforts of a traditional home along with discounted rates for guests interested in long-term stays.